How To Apply – Wet Application

Prior to installation, be sure to use the following tools:

Application tool (Plastic squeegee or firm credit card).

Exacto knife or sharp razor blade.

Spray bottle filled with application fluid consisting of a water and soap solution. Fill a spray bottle with 16 ounces water, add a few drops of liquid hand or dish soap (not dishwasher liquid), then add one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol.

We also recommend using 1 or 1 1/2 inch masking tape for properly placing and installing your graphics.

To start, position the graphic onto the vehicle to determine exactly where you want the graphic installed.

If any small bubbles appear during installation, they can be easily removed by pricking the base of the bubble with a pin or knife blade then squeezing any trapped solution out with the tip of your finger. Now your project is complete.