Jeep Piston Gas Mask Skull decal


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Jeep Piston Gas Mask Skull Transfer Decal Sticker Vinyl Graphics

Are you looking to add a little bling to a boring surface but can’t seem to find the right design? No worries, you came to the right place. UR Impressions is your only stop for highest quality Jeep themed decals on the market.

Why choose UR Impressions for Automotive decals?

  • MADE TO ORDER – Every Jeep Piston Gas Mask Skull decal is made in the USA with precision using a die-cut machine, while the remaining processes are worked by hand. 
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS – UR Impressions LLC sources the top materials to manufacture our UR Impressions ® branded products.
  • INSTALLATION – Quick and easy to apply. Just peel, stick, and firmly press into place. Do not worry, instructions are provided with your purchase as well as detailed instructions on our How to Apply page.
  • REMOVABLE – Yes. Unfortunately, not reusable.
  • ASSURANCE – Rest easy, all decals are covered by a 30 day replacement plan. Click on the Why Us page for more details regarding this coverage.

The Details

To start, we manufacture all Jeep Piston Gas Mask Skull decals by machine and hand using an high performance vinyl. After the design is finished, a versatile semi-translucent transfer tape is applied. This tape can be used for wet and dry applications. Lastly, we inspect each item to ensure proper production. All decals ship in 100% recyclable packaging, and the remaining waste is also recyclable.

To note, UR Impressions LLC also offers the choice of a cast vinyl upgrade for an extra charge. If you are not familiar with cast vinyl, this vinyl is design to handle extreme temperature changes.

Installation is easy – First, take the Jeep Piston Gas Mask Skull decal and peel the paper backing from the transfer tape with attached design. Second, place the design on the surface and use a credit card or plastic squeegee to firmly press the design onto the surface. To finish, slowly remove the transfer tape by starting at a corner and pulling back over itself. Guess what? You have finished the installation. However, if you have any questions? Feel at ease, because we are here to help.

If you need to make a change, simply remove the Jeep Piston Gas Mask Skull decal without damaging the surface. You start by using a hairdryer or heat gun and heat up the decal, then peel it off to remove. For outdoor applications clean remaining adhesive with an automotive adhesive remover – we recommend using a 3M product. And for indoor wall applications just use a sponge with soap and water. You can also check out our FAQ page for tips and tricks on removal and application.

*Designs are single color as displayed in the photos, and there is NO background color.
**The dimensions under the Additional Information tab reflect the product’s shipping dimensions and not the actual size.
UR Impressions is an independent manufacturer supplying aftermarket accessories for the automotive industry. All products on this website are intended and sold for aftermarket use only. Part numbers and corresponding product matter are not intended to imply that any of these parts are original equipment or endorsed by any brand. 
All brand designations used in this website are for reference only. Because these products have brand names in the description, they are intended for brand identification only. Furthermore, these are aftermarket products and are not  endorsed or recommended by any brand name manufacturer. All other brand names or trademarks, or registered trademarks used in this website, are their respective holders’ property.

UR Impressions MFG.

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